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Q8 Trade Review

Q8 Trade is an online trading brand owned by MARKETFINANCIALS LIMITED, a company authorized and regulated by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA) under the license number [SD006]. Many traders had probably heard the good news about the broker; as recently Q8 Trade announced it’s departing from Q8 Securities, a company that was focused on traders based in the Middle East and North Africa region, which means Q8 Trade now aims globally.

In its current shape, Q8 Trade wants to work on behalf of traders from all around the world, taking its services internationally. Statistically, 70% of the millions of trades opened by its clients are successful and that is why the brand wants to further expand its operations. Keep in mind that Q8 Trade does not establish accounts for US or Canadian citizens, alongside other sanctioned countries.

Trading Platforms

To ensure an ample diversification, same as other big brokerage houses, Q8 Trade relies on multiple trading platforms, the first one to mention being its proprietary web-based solution. It is built using proprietary algorithms and is fully responsive to a wide range of devices, not just desktop, but iOS and Android as well. Daily news and technical analysis, demo account access, advanced risk management tools, and all Q8 Trade customer service channels are integrated into the platform.

At the same time, traders that want to work with a desktop platform will benefit from the reputable MetaTrader 5. This is downloadable software, built on the popularity of its predecessor (MT4) and with additional indicators, Expert Advisors, customizable charts, innovative tools, to create an enjoyable trading experience.

The Q8 Trade Mobile App is proof the brand invests in technology to ensure customers can keep track of their accounts even from a mobile device. Among its most important features, powerful security, customizable charts, hundreds of different assets to trade, and fast deposits/withdrawals, are the most notable. Also, traders can use the app version of the MT5 as a second mobile option.

Q8 Trade Assets

Via Q8 Trade, clients have access to hundreds of different assets, including forex, commodities, stocks, and indices. Alongside the popular tools seen with most of the other brokerage brands, in this case, the broker covers stocks and indices from the Middle East as well, enabling trading on a more diverse set of assets.

Q8 Trade has low spreads and on top of that, clients can trade with competitive low spread offers on selected pairs, Monday through Tuesday on the first group of pairs, and then again on Wednesday through Friday, on the 2nd group of pairs.

The maximum leverage goes as high as 1:400 and applies for some of the forex instruments. For commodities, the maximum limit is 1:100, for stocks 1:10, and indices 1:100. It is important to note the leverage decreases as the position size increases.

Account Types

To make sure it manages to reach a broad range of traders, Q8 Trade offers several plans and benefits, including 5 different account types as follows:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond

The good news is that anybody can open a bronze account with as little as $250 and start benefiting from all the features available with Q8 Trade. Daily market analysis, eBooks, access to the Hawks Trading Academy, video course, and dynamic are some of the main benefits. Making an upgrade will provide enhanced trading capabilities, including lower spreads and commissions, support from an account manager, up to 25% welcome bonus, and up to 20% upgrade bonus, exemption from withdrawal fees, and others.

One of the key things about Q8 Trade is that it allows all customers to open an Islamic account, no matter their nationality or religion. Because of that, overnight swaps won’t apply for an opened position, but instead, traders will need to pay a fixed commission, depending on the account type chosen.

Trading Education

Because educating traders is part of the Q8 Trade mission, the broker made a lot of effort to ensure enough resources for those wanting to learn more about the markets. Firstly, it had partnered with the Hawks Trading Academy to provide a wide range of resources in one place. On top of that, traders get access to daily market analysis, eBooks, and video access.

Lastly, with the DupliTrade partnership, Q8 Trade allows customers to automate the trading and rely on There are enough resources for both beginners and experienced traders thanks to the broker’s dedicated work.


With years of experience in the trading world, Q8 Trade had proven to be a reliable brand. Now that it has shifted towards the international markets, it has greater ambitions and wants to compete with the top brokerage houses. As seen in our review, there are multiple trading tools and features available, to incentivize traders of different types to choose these services. There is no reason to believe Q8 Trade is not working on behalf of customers, given its attention to regulatory compliance and a strong work ethic.


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