Bitnomics Review – A leading name in the world of crypto exchange?

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Bitnomics exchange overview

Bitnomics ventured into the world of cryptocurrency exchange with a bold mission of becoming a leading name in the field, being a top preference for customers, both private and corporate, located around the world. 

Founded by a team of highly motivated and experienced individuals, the exchange is based in Estonia, licensed and regulated according to local laws. It would be important to highlight the brand adheres to some of the highest standards of AML/KYC procedures, ensuring it’s a platform clear of high-risk individuals. 

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Buy and sell cryptocurrencies

At its core, Bitnomics wants to be a quick solution for people that want to exchange fiat into crypto or vice versa. Aiming to make the process natural and instinctual, the company managed to create a simple-to-use interface any customers can use without advanced knowledge. For the time being, the cryptocurrency list includes Bitcoin and Ethereum, but the list can grow periodically as new ones will be added.

In terms of the exchange fees, for credit card purchases the brand charges 11%, including VAT, while for wire transfers it’s 6%, including VAT. Customers will register their Bitnomics account and the tokens will be sent to the provided crypto wallet in due time. It would take up to 5 days until users will receive the cryptos. 

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Bitnomics security features

Another aspect users need to know is that Bitnomics.co is safeguarded by cutting-edge technology, including advanced encryption methods, constantly monitored, challenged, tested, and upgraded. This happens due to the reluctance of some individuals who believe it’s not safe to hold crypto. In reality, that can be done without vulnerabilities, if there is a secure infrastructure in place, and the user fortifies his account with strong credentials. 

On top of the regulatory compliance with Estonian law, Bitnomics is also monitored by financial institutions such as Visa and MS, mainly because the company is a portal between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. 

User experience

Convenience is a keyword when describing Bitnomics. Because the registration process, same as with using the platform, is very simple. Once the customer passes the KYC process, it’s possible to start exchanging. 

When it comes to the exchange process, all you have to do is enter the amount, choose currency type, add the crypto wallet address, and click BUY or SELL. Bitnomics also offers professional customer support, assisting people with information and guidance while exchanging. 

Working closely with customers is what sets Bitnomics apart, considering even someone with no prior knowledge of crypto can get started in this field. Keep in mind that the customer support staff is multi-lingual, a major benefit from those that want to interact with an expert in their native language. 

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Bitnomics final words

After putting in the balance all the features associated with Bitnomics, the final verdict is that this cryptocurrency exchange has all the features needed to enter the field of digital assets with ease. Buying and selling crypto with this brand still remains simple and convenient, even now in 2022.