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Assets: Make money work for you


Picture this: you are the head of your own company. the big cheeze, the BOSS. you have hundreds of employees, and you sell a good or service that just rakes in the doe. Wouldn’t that be the life? What if I told you that you could reap all of those benefits without ever hiring a single soul, without ever leaving your current gig? well follow me along this journey as I explain the power of assets in one’s life.

RESP vs RRSP – What to prioritize? what works for me?

RRSP vs. RESP: Which should I prioritize? A question I have often asked myself. This time, a long time friend was the one to bring it up. Let me take your through some of the key differences of each to better help you make your own decision.

Should I prioritize contributions to an RRSP or should I choose to max out my children’s RESP first? This can be a fairly long and complex article, so I will do my best to summarize and possible do a deeper dive in the near future.

the answer?: IT DEPENDS!