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Finetero Review

Finetero official logo

Finetero Overview

Finetero is an online trading platform designed for those wanting to trade FX and other popular CFDs, benefiting from attractive costs, transparency, and fast trade execution. Established in 2018, the brand has witnessed impressive growth, managing to expand its customer base in over 150 countries. 

With 7.12 ms average order execution, an industry-leading trade engine, and a powerful infrastructure secured by Amazon AWS, Finetero is also connected with multiple liquidity providers to ensure low latency and smooth pricing for all the assets currently part of its offer. 

Since it has a vision oriented to create a dynamic and innovative environment for traders, Finetero continues to increase in popularity. Does it manage to equip users with a solid pack of tools required to cope with the markets and most importantly, is it universally appropriate, ideal for traders all around the world? Our Finetero review will analyze the most important benefits and hopefully, will manage to answer these questions. 

Finetero official logo

Trading Platforms 

To achieve a higher trading performance, Finetero relies on a WebTrader, a solution offering access not just to all the popular tools, but also to a customer-friendly and easy-to-use interface. Placing trades and plotting indicators on the charts are not difficult tasks, even when it comes to those that are just starting to trade. This platform does not need any installation and can be accessed via a browser on any device.

Secondly, aware that some traders would like to have a trusted platform installed on PC, laptop, or mobile, Finetero is also offering support for the popular Metatrader 4. This platform from MetaQuotes continues to be widely used, offering convenience, fast execution, and a rich pack of trading tools suited for different trading strategies. 

Finetero platforms

Finetero Assets

When it comes to the asset coverage, we must start by highlighting the Finetero forex trading offer is varied. Traders can not only trade on the top currency pairs (EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD), but also diversify using minors or exotics (AUDJPY, NZDCAD, CADJPY, etc.), using up to 1:200 leverage, and tight trading costs. 

Finetero FX market rates

Traders preferring more volatile assets can choose from the diversified selection of stocks currently available, covering markets like Germany, United Kingdom, France, USA, or Belgium. The margin requirements are higher, yet it is possible to trade on stocks without holding the underlying instruments. 

Indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies are also part of the Finetero asset offer, making sure there will be enough alternatives to choose from when markets are volatile. Building a diversified portfolio or getting involved in the heavily traded assets is not a problem when working with this provider. 

Account Types

Traders working with Finetero benefit from increased financial security, given the company stores their funds in segregated accounts. At the same time, the trading offer is well-diversified across 5 different account types:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Premium.

Convenience has not been sacrificed and traders can start trading live with a very small initial deposit. Only if they decide to make an upgrade, should a larger deposit be required. Even with a Bronze account, features are competitive, including resources provided by Trading Central, support from a relationship manager, or access to an online education center.

Differences will be spotted in terms of premium features like automated trading software, VIP services, to the reduction in trading commissions. 

Trading Education

This is a company believing that trading is a skills-based endeavor and any individual willing to learn can develop a methodology to tackle the markets and find optimal trading opportunities. With that in mind, there are plenty of educational resources available for all customers, including webinars, seminars, and a comprehensive online education center. 

On top of that, daily newsletters and premium signals provided by Trading Central offer added value. Finetero continues to upgrade its provisions and since its inception had constantly added new educational features, incentivizing traders to learn more as markets are in constant motion. 


There continues to be a strong interest in trading the financial markets and brands like Finetero can take advantage of that, given competitive conditions combined with a strong reputation. Trading with this company means a high level of security, trusted trading software, a diversified asset list, and professional customer support. On top of that, the open-minded approach and constant new upgrades are making Finetero an optimal place to start trading or to advance on an already-established career path. There are no major pieces of evidence suggesting otherwise. 


Axia Investments Review

Axia Investments is an online brokerage house with a simple vision – to provide the ultimate trading experience- serving mainly customers based in the GCC countries. Aware that to accomplish this goal, it is necessary to account for various factors, the broker has developed a competitive and updated trading offer, wanting to reach retail traders that view CFDs as an optimal tool to get involved in the financial markets.

Axia Investments logo

Regulated by the FSA, Seychelles, the brand strikes an excellent balance between a high level of trader protection and flexibility. This means customers can enjoy safety, due to the storage of funds in segregated accounts, alongside endless trading possibilities.

Does Axia Investments manage to provide traders with what they really need? Is this the ideal place to get involved in the market, given the current circumstances? These are just two of the questions our Axia Investments Review will try to answer.

Trading Platforms

One of the first aspects a trader should consider when choosing a broker should deal with the trading platforms covered. In the case of Axia Investments, there are three options available, each with unique characteristics. AxiaTrader Web is first on the list, given it represents a web-based proprietary solution, promising a wide range of trading tools (sentiment analysis, trading signals, financial news & calendar), as well as a friendly user interface.

On a similar note, the broker also offers access to AxiaTrader Mobile, a solution designed for both Android and iOS, offering the opportunity to trade currency pairs, stocks, indices, and commodities, from the palm of your hand. It is convenient, accurate, easy to use, and lightweight, all qualities one should expect from a mobile trading solution.

Still one of the world’s leading platforms, MetaTrader 5 is part of the platform offering, promising safety, security, EA compatibility, advanced execution, and plenty of technical indicators built into it. MT5 can be installed on a PC or laptop, while traders who want to use it on mobile, can download the app from the respective app store.

Axia Investments Assets

It is important to highlight that Axia Investments offers CFDs trading on various instruments. Forex, indices, stocks, and commodities CFDs are part of the 400+ asset list, allowing both diversification and convenience. Each customer is free to choose what are the ideal instruments to trade, based on the market conditions, or personal objectives/trading strategies.

Asset diversity complements successfully the diversity seen with trading platforms and proves once again this broker is fully committed to ensuring competitive trading conditions. For each asset class, differences can be spotted in terms of spreads and maximum leverage. However, on selected assets, the trading commission is 0%.


Axia Investments 0% trading commission

Account Types

Thanks to an account selection including 5 different account types, Axia Investments is truly offering personalized trading conditions. The entry-level option is a Bronze account, available with a little deposit worth $250. Although demo trading is enabled, this is the right account in case traders just want to test live trading conditions.

For an upgrade, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond accounts unlock access to a broader range of trading features. It is possible to trade optimally with any of the accounts, yet several extra features like trading signals, trading tools, and support from an account manager can make notable differences.

Trading Education

Regardless of the account type chosen, each customer will get access to daily market analysis. They will be able to see how experts view the market, where are some of the most important support/resistance levels located, and also relevant fundamental data that might impact valuations.

The support granted by account managers or senior account managers can mean a lot in terms of the overall educational process. Trading signals serve as a helping tool for those looking after new trading ideas, or traders wanting to rely solely on what experts believe. Trading tools is also among the other important features, yet only larger accounts can take advantage of them.


After analyzing back and forth the Axia Investments offer, the only thing left to say is that the broker manages to successfully grant access to competitive trading conditions, allowing each potential customer to choose the right pick. With 3 platforms, 5 account types, and coverage for some of the leading asset classes, it is possible to get involved using advanced trading tools and without having to worry about execution or security. Axia Investments should be considered by both beginners and experienced traders, due to the great level of diversification already achieved. 


Eiro-Group Review

Eiro-Group logo

Eiro-Group Overview

Eiro-Group is an increasingly popular online trading platform designed for a wide range of retail traders, aiming to take advantage of various financial assets, including FX, shares, ETFs, indices, and commodities. The diversified trading services available make this brand a promising solution for those that want to enjoy a personalized trading experience, without sacrificing performance or security. 

Holding customer funds in segregated accounts, strong security enhancements, and common-sense policies are just some of the reasons why Eiro-Group is considered a safe place to conduct your trading. On top of that, there are multiple other features available, associated with the account types developed by the company. 

Relying on a team of experts is what makes Eiro-Group an optimal trading platform, given they’ve used their expertise to come up with a proprietary software that’s both efficient and suited for various traders, depending on their previous background.

Eiro-Group is among the companies that believe that access to the financial markets must be easily accessible for all people, even for those that still don’t have robust trading experience. This Eiro-Group Review will talk about the main benefits traders can take advantage of when signing up for a live trading account. 

Eiro-Group logo

Trading Platform

Relying on a proprietary platform is one of the aspects making Eiro-Group a personalized experience for those who wish to get involved in the markets. Developed by the company, this solution has been created to meet the demands of the current conditions, integrating advanced charting, multiple order types and execution modes, as well as price alerts and the ability to make deposits. 

Accessible via any modern browser, the Eiro-Group platform is flexible in nature, having no issues related to OS compatibility or high-end hardware requirements. This is a solution for the average trader who wishes to benefit from fast execution and accurate pricing on a multitude of devices, even while using a smartphone or tablet. 

Eiro-Group platform

Eiro-Group Assets

The Eiro-Group assets list is very diversified, including a broad range of FX pairs, popular stocks and stock market indices, ETFs, and some of the most-traded commodities in the world. All these instruments can be traded with margin and tight trading conditions, thanks to the competitive features made available by the company. 

With so many different assets available, traders will have no problem finding the best-suited options for them, based on geographical location, personal goals, and risk appetite. Prices continue to be active across various sectors and Eiro-Group wants its customers to be in a favorable position to take advantage of them. Keep in mind that all the assets will be available to all registered traders, regardless of their account type. 

Account Types

With 6 different account types available, traders wanting to join the ranks of Eiro-Group can choose what features they would like to benefit from, based on their choice. Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Millionaire Club accounts are associated with various resources, as the company rewards customers according to their initial deposit. 

Daily market reviews and support from an account manager are features available for everybody, which means traders can get insight into the markets and reach out for assistance when they need it. The loyalty bonus and insurance level are flexible, starting at 10% for a Basic account and as high as 100% for Millionaire Club. 

Eiro-Group trading features

Aware that many traders want enhanced trading benefits, Eiro-Group is also offering exclusive updates, financial management services, and support from a group of analysts, all available to provide a broader perspective on the financial markets. 

Trading Education

In a fast-changing environment, getting access to educational resources is key for traders and thus Eiro-Group, in its quest to be a reliable trading partner, offers various resources, providing a helping hand to those willing to learn more. All customers get to benefit from an account manager, yet availability will depend on the account type chosen.

Daily market reviews, trading signals, and trading alerts are also part of the offer and will keep traders updated with the latest market developments based on how experts are interpreting both the price action and fundamental factors


All the pieces of evidence are suggesting Eiro-Group is one of the brands people can trust. The variety of tradable assets, optimized trading software, professional customer support, and the rich pack of features associated with each account type make this online trading platform a suitable choice at a time of increased volatility in the financial markets. We did not find any negative factor suggesting this might not be a secure place to trade online. In fact, Eiro-Group relies on strong security measures and puts financial safety at the top. 

eXcentral Review

eXcentral logo

A brand of Mount Nico Corp Ltd., eXcentral is a CFD brokerage regulated by CySEC and FSCA, currently offering diversified services for a broad audience in the European Economic Area and Switzerland. The brand also follows the MiFID II Directive, offering both retail and professional trading conditions. 

Among the most important benefits of the broker, it is important to highlight the innovative and easy-to-use platform, versatile MT4, various educational resources, professional customer support, and updated market analysis data, all offered to enhance the trading infrastructure. 

eXcentral continues to improve its trading offer at a time when there is massive interest in retail trading, favored by outperformance in various asset classes. With coverage for FX, stocks, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies, traders working with this brand can diversify their holdings and take advantage of intraday or short-term trading opportunities. 

eXcentral logo


Proprietary trading software and MT4

Considering traders have different tastes when it comes to trading software, eXcentral now offers a personalized WebTrader, a solution that aims to fit the needs of both beginner and experienced traders. According to the broker, this is a client-centric platform, packed with multi-view options, technical indicators, multiple execution modes, and risk management tools. 

Additionally, the MetaTrader 4 is provided to ensure more diversity and reliability, given it is a platform with 15+ years of reputation. In this case, traders can install the software on desktop, laptop, or even mobile devices (Android and iOS) and benefit from the wide range of tools integrated for proper technical analysis and trade management. 

On top of the MetaTrader 4 mobile capabilities, the eXcentral Mobile Trader is a solution designed by the company, in the same style as the WebTrader. With a friendly interface, this mobile app can be used when uncertainty and market volatility are elevated.  

eXcentral WebTrader


eXcentral assets

For the time being, the eXcentral CFD coverage includes tens of currency pairs, popular stocks, stock market indices, commodities, and several large cryptocurrencies. A diversified instrument list is necessary when financial markets are not performing evenly across a given time frame. The broker wants customers to have enough choices at their disposal, finding the right assets based on their trading strategy, schedule, and personal goals. 

The list includes assets with different volatility profiles and variable spreads (also influenced by the account type chosen), making it possible to either build a diversified portfolio or focus on a short list of CFDs constantly. 

eXcentral assets


Account types

Aiming to provide a variety of features and conditions, designed to satisfy a wide range of trading needs, eXcentral combines great trading conditions with exceptional features, now offering 4 different account types, for both retail and professional customers. 

The eXcentral trading accounts are as follows:

  • Classic 
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • VIP

Differences can be spotted in terms of spreads and access to several resources like educational webinars, trading signals via SMS from Trading Central, full account overview, VIP webinars, and dedicated/senior account managers. 

Traders with different financial conditions can join eXcentral without having to make large deposits since the minimum required is 250 units in any of the currencies supported. The broker accepts payments using credit/debit card, wire transfer, Skrill, and Neteller, all safe and trusted solutions. 

Trading education

On top of all the benefits already discussed, with this broker, CFD traders can use a wide range of educational and market analysis resources. Even those who already have experience in the market can use the data updated constantly to make better decisions and get an in-depth picture of conditions at any given moment. 

eXcentral is aware that trading education is a continuous process and wants all its customers to benefit from high-quality content. Beginners are given extra attention, with resources that teach them the basics, like how to use the trading software, risk management, and technical analysis. It is important to note that several benefits aren’t open to all account types, such as VIP webinars and dedicated senior account managers. 


There are enough reasons for us to conclude eXcentral is a reliable CFD broker, currently offering multi-asset coverage, advanced trading software, and plenty of other benefits traders can take advantage of when getting involved in the financial markets. The brand enjoys a favorable reputation since it is regulated and following the MiFID II Directive. 

The diversity of the services provided makes eXcentral one of the companies to consider by a wide range of retail traders, regardless of their background. They can expand their knowledge using the analysis and educational materials offered. 


Risk Warning: CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 77.15% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Please read our Risk Disclosure document.