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Lexori Review – Why traders choose this brand?

Due to the suspension of this brand’s services, we have revised our rating to 1 star. Further updates on its operational status will be communicated when we have additional information.

About the brand

Lexori is a CFD broker operating for traders interested in the financial markets, offering a full range of services related to popular assets such as Forex, stocks, indices, commodities, or cryptocurrencies. With diversification in terms of CFDs covered, the brand can be an attractive choice for traders with different objectives. 

That makes a Lexori Review suited and any person interested can find relevant information on the website. Keep in mind this is a broker offering derivatives and not DMA. It is also a place where both beginners and advanced traders can advance further on their trading path. 

trade with Lexori

Lexori platforms

Due to the increased volatility in the market, traders are no longer satisfied with a platform that’s available on a single device type. There will be numerous times when they need to trade on a smartphone, as market conditions change while they are on the go.

Aware of that, Lexori is offering software that can be used on any device, via browser, without any installation required. This ensures fast access and the ability to act without delay when new trades have to be placed or when existing ones need to be closed. 

Lexori trading accounts

In case you want to test waters and see whether Lexori is truly reliable, a demo account might be a good start. If everything goes well, you can move on and open a live trading account, making a small initial deposit to get started in the market. Credit/debit card or wire transfer are some of the deposit options available.

Also, Lexori lets each customer choose from several different base account currencies. Regardless of choice, all will get access to generous asset coverage. 

Lexori assets

At Lexori, no compromises have been made when it comes to assets. Currently, there are over 500 CFDs available, ranging from FX, stocks, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. Using margin and flexible costs, traders can get involved in the assets that are more volatile intra-day, because that is why the higher profit potential lies. 

The list of assets is not fixed and can be updated at any point. Lexori has been flexible enough, which is why it has already integrated cryptocurrency CFDs into its offer. 

Customer support

It is not possible to run global operations without professional customer support. In the case of Lexori, traders or unregistered users can get in touch with a representative to find out more information before they sign up for an account. At the same time, they can ask for help each time an inconvenience arises. 


Financial markets remain attractive for retail traders and the elevated risk appetite leads to many opportunities across the board. With a diversified asset coverage and personalized software, Lexori brings finances closer to an audience that still needs more competitive conditions. Each trader is treated based on needs and also, according to the account type chosen. Lexori wants to expand its customer base and that is why its trading offer will continue to change over time.