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500Investments Review

Owned and operated by Cabsy Holdings Ltd. 500Investments are an online trading brand providing access to 1,000+ assets, a proprietary trading platform, a wide range of trading tools depending on the account type chosen, and useful educational resources for traders wanting to learn how to trade.

The main goal of the company is to unleash your trading potential through cutting-edge technological innovation and financial proficiency.

The broker is proud to announce it is using the same level of encryption technology as international banks and major online retailers to protect personal data and funds. It keeps money into segregated accounts, operating under a no hidden fees policy. In case you are looking for a broker that operates globally (500Investments accepts clients from all over the world, except for countries where the local law forbids trading services) without the limitations of tight regulation, we hope our 500Investments review will provide more insights into the company.

Proprietary trading platform

Fully aware the entire process must take place on the platform, 500Investments relied from the start on in-house developed software. In doing so, the broker made sure the trading experience will be optimal and clients can get what they want. The platform comes with TradingView charts, Social trading capabilities, price alerts, one-click trading, popularity bar, and some other tools useful in the day-to-day operations.

At first glance, its structure is very simple and does not require any special knowledge to use. At the same time, it is a very flexible and versatile software, given it can be used on any type of device (mobile, laptop, tablet, on top of desktop). 500Investments put all the functionalities inside the platform, which is why you can deposit/withdraw money, verify your account, or change settings without having to log into another page.

In case you want to switch to a demo account, there is a button on the left bottom of the platform to do that, and everything is changed to virtual funds within seconds. All-in-all, if you fancy web-based trading software, this one might be very appealing for you.

500Investments Assets

With 500Investments, clients can choose from 1,000+ different CFDs based on stocks, forex, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. Leverage is as high as 1:400 for FX (for other assets it is much lower), spreads are floating depending on the market liquidity and volatility, while overnight swaps are in line with what other brokers are offering. For 1 million USD in trading volume, the broker does not charge any commission.

You can step into the world of currencies and trade major pairs (EURUSD, GBPUSD, etc.) minors (AUDUSD, USDCAD, etc.) or exotics (CADJPY, EURPLN, etc.) in one place. In case you want exposure on stocks, 500Investments covers hundreds of CFDs on stocks from popular markets like the USA, Germany, Canada, and others. Global indices are also part of the offer and allow traders to get exposure to broad market performances.

Commodities had been very active in 2020 and with 500Investments, clients can benefit from agriculture, energies, industrials, and precious metals. Lastly, you can trade contracts on Bitcoin, Ether, EOS, XRP, Litecoin, Dash, and some other popular cryptocurrencies with 1:5 leverage and tight spreads.

Account Types

When it comes to the 500Investments account types, there are 5 different options available:

  • Basic
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond

To start trading with this company, the minimum deposit required for a Basic account is 250 USD/EUR/GBP, which can be done using a credit/debit card, bank transfer, or BPay. In exchange, traders get access to industry-leading entry prices, 24/6 support, free access to a trading academy, daily market briefs, shares, trading price alerts, and a dedicated account manager.

At the same time, 500Investments wants to incentivize its clients to make upgrades by providing enhanced trading features such as VIP seminars & webinars, active trader or VIP prices, assistance from a senior account manager, exclusive updates, and giveaways.

Trading Education

Are you a beginner needing educational resources? Do you already have some trading experience but would like to improve? 500Investments cares about educating traders, which is why it offers access to webinars and seminars, eBooks, a trading academy, assistance from an account manager, and many other useful resources. You can learn more about trading the markets and try to improve your performance by finding all the information in one place.


Based on the features and benefits we’ve talked about, we can assuredly contradict any 500Investments scam allegations.

500Investments proves to be a broker able to provide all the necessary resources to help traders deal with financial markets. 2020 is a challenging year for traders and because of that, they need access to all the trading tools possible.

To find out more about what 500Investments can offer, visit the official website, or contact a representative. We welcome the fact that transparency is one of the core values and the broker provides all the information required.



Clicktrades Review

Ever since it started to operate and took the first steps on the market, Clicktrades’ main purpose was to change the way online trading is seen by investors, whether they are beginners or already have experience in the financial field.

Operated by KW Investments Limited, Clicktrades is currently providing CFD trading services for retail traders around the world, with the exception of Japan, Canada, and the United States. The company provides its customers with the necessary resources for the ultimate trading experience, and it takes pride in developing strategies that educate each one of its customers.

Innovative trading platform

By far the most important feature of Clicktrades is their proprietary web trading platform, high-tech and user-friendly, designed to allow trading sessions from a wide range of assets, on both desktop and mobile.

Clicktrades charts - mobile tablet desktop

Clicktrades Charts

Among its main strengths we have to mention:

  • Advanced chartist methodologies;
  • Complex risk management tools;
  • User-friendly trading system;
  • Enhanced trading session;
  • Incorporated Trading Central;
  • Negative balance protection;

Assets for all traders

With Clicktrades, any type of trader can find suitable trading instruments, considering that the company covers 2100+ instruments, ranging from bonds, commodities, forex, indices, shares, and ETFs.

instruments, bonds, commodities, forex, indices, shares, ETFs

Clicktrades Assets

Traders can easily diversify their trades and gain exposure to a wide variety of markets, ensuring that they trade just like professionals do.

Account types

In terms of account types, any person can get access to most of the features available at Clicktrades with as little as $1,000 in initial deposit. With an Essential account, clients get Webtrader access, customer support from Monday to Friday, daily market reviews and financial research, daily analysis recommendations, full access to the video library, and dedicated account representative.

RISK WARNING: Trading Forex and CFDs is highly speculative, involves significant risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors.

Open an account, account types

Account Types

For Original and Signature account holders, clients will get access to special trading conditions, the Trading Central tool, and one-to-one meetings with account representatives.

Trading Central

Only available for Signature accounts, the Trading Central is a dynamic and efficient analysis tool for every trader. Fully integrated into the Clicktrades platform, it provides traders access to a multitude of technical indicators that come in hand for an extremely wide range of assets.

It is a certified member of three Independent Research Providers (IRPs) Associations and supports investors through a dedicated chartist methodology to choose strategies that suit their trading style.

With the Trading Central, clients can use certified and relevant information from awarded third-party providers and increase their knowledge of favorite instruments with extensive technical and fundamental analysis reports.

Interactive Brokers Review


Founded in 1978, Interactive Brokers (IBKR) is one of the biggest US-based DMA brokers, regulated by several top-tier authorities on a global scale, like the UK’s FCA and the US SEC. Also listed on the NewYork Stock Exchange (NYSE), it is considered to be a safe broker, due to its long track record.

The company attracts active traders with per-share pricing, an advanced trading platform, a large selection of tradable securities, and other important features that will be discussed in our current review. We”ll try to assess how Interactive Brokers compares to other companies which we’ve discussed in the past.


In terms of trading platforms, IBKR had done a really great job, currently offering three pieces of trading software for its clients. The Client Portal is a web-based platform providing a streamlined view of one’s account, including all the relevant information needed. Key account metrics, Portfolio Performance, and all the essential details of the trading account will make easier for clients to monitor and trade without any desktop software installation.

interactive brokers platforms

On the second spot, the market maker-designed IB Trader Workstation (TWS) lets traders, investors, and institutions trade stocks, options, futures, forex, bonds, and funds on over 100 markets worldwide from a single account. The platform is tailored towards more advanced traders since it comes with features like research, market data, algos, and other trading tools.

Thirdly, the IBRK Mobile is an app that enables access to over 125 markets worldwide right from the palm of your hand, with advanced quotes and research integrated into it. There are plenty of innovative trading tools and security features, designed to make the trading process smooth and comfortable.

interactive brokers mobile platform

DMA Trading

Traders who choose to work with IBKR will be able to trade stocks in 125 markets, options, futures/FOPs, spot Forex, metals, fixed income, ETFs, and mutual funds. Both US and global assets are available through a single integrated investment account, which is an advantage.

When it comes to pricing, IBKR is another company allowing clients to choose what type of fee tiering pricing structure they want. Thee are three main options (tiered, fixed, and free) for stocks, ETFs, and warrants, while flexible options for other instruments do not miss.

interactive brokers dma trading

Thankfully, there are account minimums, neither for IBKR Pro or IBKR Lite, but there is an account maintenance fee of up to $10 (IBKR Pro) if the average equity for a calendar month won’t be greater than $100,000 or if $10 in commission won’t be generated in a calendar month.

Pros and Cons

  • A broad portfolio of trading instruments both from the US and the rest of the world
  • Multiple fees tiering structures available for clients
  • Great and diverse research tools.


  • Account maintenance fee.
  • Funding and withdrawals only through bank transfer
  • Complicated desktop platform, suited only for advanced traders.


To summarize, Interactive Brokers (IBKR) is one of the most reliable US-based DMA brokers, but as seen in our review, it has its own weaknesses, like any other company. It’s good to see clients can get access to different fee structures, and global trading instruments.

TradeStation Review


With a history dating back to 1982, TradeStation is a US broker with its parent company, Monex Group, listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Widely-considered as a safe company, it’s regulated by FINRA, a top tier US regulator, and its clients are eligible for the SIPC investor protection scheme, offering up to $500,000 (up to $250,000 in cash).

TradeStation offers access to a wide range of trading products, including stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, options, and futures. What’s important to mention about the company is its flexibility when it comes to fee, clients being to choose from a few different fee structures.


In line with other big names, TradeStation has three different trading platforms: web-based, desktop, and mobile. Renewed in 2018, the Web Trading Platform now has a good design and user experience. Both beginners are advanced traders are able to use it comfortably. Two-step authentication, search function, 7 different order types, alerts, and notifications, are just a few of the features built into it.


Considered to have the most functions, the TradeStation desktop platform is the right fit for advanced and professional clients. Good customizability, strong login procedure, search function, portfolio, and fee reports are the most important features to mention.

The mobile platform gets above-average reviews, available both for iOS and Android devices. It carries most of the functionalities seen on the web-platform, allowing clients to trade on the go and monitor their portfolio.

DMA Trading

At TradeStation, clients can only trade stocks and ETFs based in the US, from NYSE or NASDAQ. This could be a negative point for clients wanting to trade global assets. It also offers access to 60 fund providers, less than other companies. There is little information on bond coverage but when it comes to options, the company is in a better position.

Thankfully, one of the greatest advantages of dealing with this company has to do with fees. For US stocks, trading fees are low, starting from $0.01 per share, but for US tech funds fees are larger, currently 14.95% per transaction. Another downside is the inactivity fee, applicable per year if less than 2,000 USD on balance or less than 5 trades per year.

trade station dma trading

Available only on the desktop platform, recommendations about each asset class are written by TradeStation staff. On the fundamental data front, Yahoo is the main provider and this is also available only for desktop platform users.

Pros and Cons

  • Great mobile trading platform with a wide range of research tools.
  • TradeStation offers high-quality educational tools.
  • The company has more fee structures clients can choose from.


  • Deposits and withdrawals are not user-friendly.
  • No coverage for currency-related instruments.
  • A high inactivity fee of $50 per year.


TradeStation is a popular DMA company, offering reliable services, but when it comes to its performance as compared to other competitors, it lags behind in terms of fees, number of instruments available for trading, among others. It’s still one of the best choices for traders who want to focus solely on the US market.