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Coinrise Review – Its Top Trading Benefits Uncovered

Coinrise logo

About the brand

Coinrise claims to be a premium online trading platform offering professional services for a variety of services, thanks to an optimized and diversified infrastructure. When holding an account with this provider, customers can choose from both trading and investing opportunities, having numerous ways to invest their money in the financial sector.

With investing opportunities such as private debt, growth and VC, or private equity, this brand carries an important edge as compared to other competing brands. Today we want to see if Coinrise truly deserves your attention and if it does, what the reasons for it are.

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Coinrise platforms

Given there is a variety of trading and investing services provided, Coinrise customers can benefit from a trading and an exchange platform, each tailored for unique purposes. The first one is ideal for volatile assets, such as cryptocurrencies, which are now covered by the brand. 

Coinrise platforms

A customer-friendly interface, as well as a rich pack of trading tools, have both been integrated to ensure both beginners and experienced traders get to enjoy the markets in their own way. At the same time, those willing to make longer-term investments will find the second platform of choice to be well-optimized and in line with the latest requirements. 

Coinrise accounts

New customers come to Coinrise with different goals and that is why a tailored account offering was required. There are no less than 6 options currently available, each integrating features such as:

  • Competitive commissions
  • Low minimum deposit
  • 24/6 customer service
  • Account executive assistance
  • Flexible leverage
  • Trading signals
  • 1-on-1 educational course
  • Trading alerts
  • Access to a premium trading room

By choosing a mini, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, or VIP account, a user will unlock a given pack of features, based on the initial deposit. The larger the account is, the more benefits associated with it. Deposits can be made using credit/debit cards or wire transfers, as well as e-wallets. 

Coinrise guided accounts

Customer support

If you want to talk to a Coinrise representative, there is a multilingual support team available 24/6. Via Whatsapp, email, live chat, and the option to request a callback, users can get quick answers to any trading-related question. There is also a contact form on the website, to make sure everyone gets a reply in due time. 


The opportunities emerging around the financial spectrum act as an incentive for retail customers. Technology and free access to education enables any individual to start trading or investing from the comfort of their own place. Coinrise turns out to be a place where both of these activities can be performed. The features offered are optimized and in line with what any retail trader/investor would like to receive now. 

What You Need to Know About CFGlobal Trader

CFGlobal Trader Logo

CFGlobal Trader Logo


The cryptocurrency market has been rising and falling this year, and the emergence of new coins has created opportunities for brokers and traders alike. 

Many people are interested in joining crypto trading, and finding a suitable broker is a good start.

This is CFGlobal Trader, which offers the trade of large-cap digital currencies and altcoins like Litecoin, Chainlink, Quantum, Ontology, EOS; they also offer over 250 cryptocurrency pairs.

About the brand

CFGlobal Trader is a cryptocurrency broker that offers trading via a comprehensive trading platform developed by an experienced team of traders and software developers.

With a vast network of 2M+ active traders, the broker has so far garnered experience of about a decade in the industry.

Trading Platform

The trading platform offers a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, quick execution, and multi-device compatibility. 

The platform also provides reliable risk management tools, educational materials, daily market news, and trading alerts to all users. 

Trading Platform

Account Types

The broker offers different account types to its traders, and every account holder is provided with 24/6 customer support and signal trading.

To get started, a minimum of €250 is required for trading with specific leverage offered as per the account type chosen.

CFGlobal Trader’s account types are categorized as:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Premium
  • Pro

Account holders are offered special welcome bonuses, starting from 20% for Bronze account holders and up to 60% for Pro account holders. Gold, Premium, and Pro members get access to daily news updates and trading alerts.

TFSA + Mutual funds financial advisors and VIP mentors are assigned to Gold, Premium, and Pro accounts. However, Bronze and Silver also benefit from daily signals and withdrawal authorization within six business days. Personal educational courses are offered to Premium and Pro account members.

Account Types

Customer Support

CFGlobal Trader offers 24/6 extensive customer support to all its users and incorporates a help desk that helps you answer almost all queries.

Customers can reach their support service via phone and email. However, no live chat service is available.

In addition, the broker also provides educational materials to Premium and Pro traders. However, the exact form of educational support offered is not specified, so we recommend consulting an account manager regarding the matter.


To conclude, CFGlobal Trader offers reliable, knowledgeable resources and welcome bonuses to its traders for an intuitive and motivating crypto trading experience. The customer support team stays available for all its account holders 24/6.

Additionally, the veteran broker also allows flexible withdrawal methods depending on the account chosen. With strict security protocols regarding account and personal details, CFGlobal Trader is undoubtedly a broker to consider.

Super1Investments Review – The Pros and Cons

About Super1Investments 

Financial proficiency is the first step needed on the road to unlock your full trading potential. The Super1Investments offer boasts state-of-the-art, innovative technology, and so we’ve decided to put it to the test by examining the Super1Investments trading offer, to find out if they deliver on their promise. 

Super1Investments is a world-known financial services provider that offers a wide array of investment avenues, to include Online Trading in cryptocurrencies and FX. Their state-of-the-art trading platform offers their clients an opportunity to trade in over 1,000 world-class assets to include Cryptocurrenciens, FX, stocks, commodities, and indices From almost anywhere in the world

Super1Investments logo

Super1Investments states that a core tenant of its vision is to offer a more unique trading approach, that claims to unleash the power of a personalized trading offer utilizing customized, state-of-the-art trading software. In this review, we will dig a little deeper to gain some more insights about what this company has to offer for global traders that do not reside in restricted countries, such as the USA.

Super1Investments Instruments 

Starting off, we will be taking a look at the Super1Investments forex offer. The company provides access to many types of currency pairs, to include majors, minors, and exotics. Spreads are tight and max leverage as high as 1:400, depending on the type of account chosen by the client. The available account types are Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond, with each account tier receiving more advanced trading features.

Super1Investments instruments

Super1Investments clients gain access to a wide range of instruments other than FX, and these include shares, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. This is the brand’s way to ensure that their clients have the ability to diversify their portfolio and gain exposure to other opportunities in different instruments that they may have previously lacked access to. With over 1,000 available and tradable assets, many traders of different backgrounds will find the right instruments for their unique trading style.

Tools and Trading Platform 

With increased volatility in the markets this year, one of the most important needs among retail traders has been the need for advanced trading software. Super1Investments was able to foresee these events, and because of this, the company put together a customized webtrader to provide the best possible trading experience. This platform, available via any web-browser, is a user-friendly, state-of-the-art solution that offers fast execution.

Super1Investments features

The Super1Investments platform is available on desktops and laptops, as well as mobile devices, offering users the exact same user experience, tools and features as compared to desktop and laptop users. The main features of the platform are the one-click trading execution, TradingView charts, and Social Trading benefits that provide traders with the ability to follow trading professionals and copy their trades.

Super1Investments trading Education 

Whether you are new to the world of trading or a professional trader that is already working with Super1Investments, you can enjoy multiple benefits when it comes to the educational resources offered by the company, as they have made sure to focus on ensuring that their clients have access to quality educational materials to assist them in their trading journey. As a result, the company’s offer includes an introduction to the platform, support from dedicated/senior account managers, daily market briefs, video courses, webinars, eBooks, and other helpful resources that are available for traders of all experience levels.

Clients who wish to invest in higher amounts can choose a higher-tier trading account which will grant them access to premium educational resources, to include one-on-one tutorials, VIP webinars, wealth management, and many other trading benefits. Without a doubt, Super1Investments has put together a diversified trading offer that is relevant for traders of all backgrounds, levels of experience, from anywhere in the world. 

Final Thoughts

There are benefits to trading with Super1Investments. The company has managed to assemble a diverse and impressive trading offer, and traders who would like to learn more are welcome to visit the company’s official website, or ask to speak to a representative by contacting the 24/6 customer support service via the company website. 

Super1Investments have taken great strides to show that they are committed to being a broker that traders can trust. Its personalized, transparent and customer-oriented trading approach is definitely an offer that is worth considering by traders of all backgrounds and levels of experience from all around the world. When you consider the number of advanced trading features and tools that are made available by this broker, and If you are interested in trading in cryptocurrencies, FX, shares, commodities and indices, you should definitely consider Super1Investments.


MrGuru Review

MrGuru logo

Company Overview

MrGuru is a dedicated cryptocurrency trading platform that manages to keep its finger on the pulse of market trends, thanks to a customized offer built around the unique needs of traders who are looking to get involved in trading digital assets. An account with MrGuru comes with several important benefits, which is why we would like to analyze this brand in greater detail in this review. 

MrGuru logo

MrGuru Trading Platform

The trading platform is critical when dealing with volatility and large price swings. MrGuru has a mobile solution that can help traders trade anytime and anywhere. Accessible via browser, this web-based platform is fast, reliable, and simple, so traders with different backgrounds can use it without experiencing any issues. 

Built by a team of professionals, this platform aims to offer a unique trading experience, as customization is a key requirement to stand out and provide a seamless trading experience. Although there is only one platform available, it is very flexible and works well even on a smartphone or tablet. 

MrGuru trading on mobile

MrGuru Trading Account

A straightforward MrGuru registration process is all it takes to start trading with this brand, and setting up an account is very simple, so much so that traders will be able to proceed to make a deposit and submit identification documents within minutes. 

Thanks to features like easy account management, trading tips, the company blog, and other educational resources, all customers will enjoy the support of a brand that truly has their back, since the crypto journey is one that is both exciting and full of challenges. 

MrGuru main trading benefits

MrGuru provides strong security & AML, the safety of funds, accurate order execution, and compliance rules that are applicable to all users, showing that it places great importance on operating at the highest professional standards. 

Customer Support

The live chat customer support service is available 24/6, which is great news since traders with this brand benefit from a 24/7 trading schedule. MrGuru shows a very proactive approach in dealing with any issues that customers may be facing. Getting in touch with a representative can be done quickly by registered clients and potential clients alike, the brand continues expanding its services. 

Trading Education

MrGuru’s main features when it comes to educational resources and benefits includes trading tips, the articles available on the company blog, and the customized support offered to all customers. The company is aware that each trader is unique and has unique needs, which is why a representative will offer personalized guidance after the account registration is complete. 


MrGuru believes in the power of cryptocurrencies and comes to the table with a tailored offer, hoping to reach traders that are looking for their brand of trading experience. Trading with MrGuru offers numerous benefits, as we’ve seen in our review, which is why we need to award this brand a high rating. The prospects for the crypto market continue to be favorable and more people can take advantage of them with services such as these available now at