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GlobalBase Review – rely on a team with expertise in crypto trading

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Introducing GlobalBase

As the crypto market grew larger and larger, traders’ expectations did the same, putting pressure on trading brands to make sure they have proper conditions to cope with high volatility and the growing demand for online crypto trading services.

If you were to ask a handful of traders about their views on this market, the feedback would probably be mixed, signaling that online crypto brokers need to cater to a diverse audience. GlobalBase is a dedicated crypto trading platform that might just have a solution suitable for the wider public. Let’s check it out. 

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A modern trading software

The first factor differentiating GlobalBase from its competitors is the proprietary software. When trading with customized software, the average trader has access to unique tools and personal attention from the brand’s brokers.

GlobalBase trading platform

The GlobalBase WebTrader is the right fit for cryptocurrency trading because it has advanced charting, market news, risk management tools, and other features built-in, all necessary when searching for reliable trade setups. 

In terms of compatibility, there are no reasons to worry, since the platform is web-based and does not require any installation. A trading account can be accessed via any browser using the login credentials. Feel free to test the platform even on a smartphone to see how it works. 

Trade crypto at your own pace

Each trader has unique goals and tastes, meaning providers need to create a flexible trading offer. In the case of GlobalBase, you have a variety of cryptocurrencies to choose from. Some small altcoins have a proven track record of elevated volatility, while established cryptos such as Bitcoin or Ether are much more stable, with large institutions involved in the industry. 

Execution is another factor you should be closely monitoring, if you want to get in and out of the market at the desired price – and GlobalBase seems to offer fast execution. Ultimately, GlobalBase ensures strong protection for personal data and finances, via a combination of advanced technologies, transparent policies, and the type of crypto derivatives used. 

Stay informed with GlobalBase

Constantly searching for new information and staying updated with market dynamics are part of a trader’s daily routine. Global Base is a place to get informed, given you can find articles on the blog section. In case you are passionate about crypto-related resources, the blog is where you can find content that is especially useful for beginners and advanced traders alike. 

GlobalBase wants its customers to constantly stay one step ahead of the market and get involved at desired valuations. Without making well-informed decisions, that’s a goal not possible to achieve. 

GlobalBase final words

The cryptocurrency market is entering 2022 with mixed performance. Despite expectations for solid gains near Christmas, 2021 has been one of the few years when this seasonality trend did not hold. This development should serve as an early warning for those with a “long-only” bias. 

GlobalBase comes with an innovative trading offer that puts you in a position to either buy or sell-short crypto derivatives, depending on how the market sentiment is shifting. 

Bitfargo Review – Introducing a promising online brokerage

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About Bitfargo

Bitfargo is one of the brands traders should consider if getting involved in the financial markets is their goal. Specializing in CFD trading, it has created a solution for both beginners and experienced individuals that look at stocks, currencies, commodities, or cryptocurrencies as tools to create financial abundance. 

When trading with Bitfargo, you can benefit from a variety of features, including optimized software, a simple and quick account opening, a friendly user experience, and accessible funding options. Let’s dig deeper to see whether Bitfargo manages to stay at least one step ahead of its competitors. 

What products can you trade?

Traders with different aspirations can find the Bitfargo trading offer appealing, given the brand covers a full range of markets:

  • Currency pairs
  • Global shares
  • Stock market indices
  • Commodities
  • Cryptocurrencies

In addition to that, trading conditions are attractive, regardless of the account type chosen. Differences can be spotted, however, when comparing Basic, Gold, and Platinum accounts. Overall, the company made sure any user can get the necessary trading tools to get involved in the market same as professionals do. 

User-friendly and trusted platforms

Covering all potential devices traders might use to trade has been a priority for Bitfargo from the very start. That is why right now traders have access to WebTrader, mobile trading apps, and a Desktop platform. 

Bitfargo WebTrader

By doing so, the broker allows traders complete freedom and flexibility, trading at their own pace from anywhere in the world. All three platforms are packed with trading tools and share a user-friendly interface. 

You can use multiple analytical tools, read financial market news updates, monitor the history of trades, and conduct account management. These are tasks traders will need to perform frequently and Bitfargo made it possible to create convenience. 

Other features

Bitfargo allows trading for a deposit of as little as 250 USD. In exchange, traders can gain access to educational materials related to technical/fundamental analysis, market news, online trading strategies, and other features that could be associated with their account types. 

For up to $10,000 you will qualify for a Basic account, but even at this stage, the broker is generous and provides all trading tools, including daily market analytics, video access, daily recommendations, exclusive updates, and 24 hours support. 

Bitfargo accounts features

In case you can get access to Gold or Platinum accounts, that is where Bitfargo introduces VIP support, transactions hedge, and other premium features. 

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Last few words on Bitfargo

There has been growing competition in the retail trading industry and that acts as an incentive for brands such as Bitfargo. Customers come with high expectations, which is why brokers have to deliver professional trading tools in order to convince them to sign up. 

As for Bitfargo, the trading offer it now has on the table looks very promising. It is also affordable, given you can sign up for a live account for as little as $250. The good news is that you get various market analysis resources, and that can help when making difficult trading decisions.