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EarningCrypt opens the gates of the crypto world for you

EarningCrypt logo

EarningCrypt logo

At a time when bond yields are down and shares in global markets do not seem to be moving in a specific direction, crypto assets have attracted many traders around the world, even those with limited experience.  Cryptocurrencies have become a major theme in the financial landscape today, and traders are moving to these markets to catch opportunities in them. If you want to trade those assets, too, you need a good broker that offers reliable trading services and capabilities that meet your needs. Here we will discuss a broker called EarningCrypt.


About EarningCrypt

EarningCrypt platform

EarningCrypt is your partner in the crypto world


EarningCrypt is a financial services provider that specializes in crypto assets. It offers access to tens of digital assets for clients to trade. This includes Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum, and many others. The company facilitates all your trading activities in its domain so that you can focus solely on analyzing the markets and finding opportunities.


The platform offered by EarningCrypt 


When you trade with EarningCrypt, you gain access to an advanced and sophisticated platform that offers all the tools you need to carry out your analysis and trading activities. The platform is web-based and accessible with known browsers such as Chrome and Safari, amongst others. It is also accessible from all devices, including phones, computers, and tablets. EarningCrypt has designed this platform with convenience and flexibility in mind. Many traders trade on the go in today’s fast-moving environment.  With EarningCrypt’s platform you can open new positions, close open ones, and monitor the performance of your portfolio wherever you are.


Fast execution

The platform and the servers at EarningCrypt are built for fast execution. Traders can execute their trades at market price in time, without finding that the price has deviated by a large margin (what is known as slippage). With minimal slippage, you will be able to execute your strategy without much deviation from your plan.

EarningCrypt Accounts

You can open an account with just a couple of steps


Support team

The support team at EarningCrypt consists of competent and experienced analysts. They are up to date when it comes to market developments so they can provide good and comprehensive answers to your trading questions. Whether you need assistance with issues regarding the platform or the account opening process, you want to get market updates, or you require a technical analysis, they are easily reachable by mail and are quick to respond.


Account types with EarningCrypt

There are three main account types to choose from.

The first is the Silver account, suitable for beginners. It includes an introductory course, weekly market updates, and weekly progress reports. 

The second is the Gold account. In addition to the features mentioned above, it has trading academy features, personal account overview by the analytics team, access to technical analysis tools, and daily news and updates. 

The third is the VIP account, which enables you, in addition to the above, to unlock the trading academy, and gives you push notification alerts, plus several other exciting features.



EarningCrypt is an advanced and experienced broker, which means it can meet all your trading needs in the crypto and digital assets landscape. We give it a good rating.


Royal-Bridge – A better way to take advantage of cryptocurrencies?

Royal-Bridge logo

About Royal-Bridge

When compared to several years ago, the correlation in rates between cryptocurrencies has weakened, which means each day tokens are posting different price developments, depending on the news or changing fundamentals. 

This makes the industry a place for diversified trading and Royal-Bridge wants to provide a solution for those interested. As a tailored crypto platform, it has a team of specialists and the right expertise to help traders cope with elevated volatility and uncertainty. If you are one of those interested to have an account dedicated to cryptocurrency trading, this Royal-Bridge review might be relevant to you. 

Royal-Bridge crypto trading platform

Royal-Bridge cryptocurrency trading

Royal-Bridge aims to satisfy the growing audience of cryptocurrency traders and it does so by ensuring they have a variety of instruments at their disposal. There is only a standard account available with this brand and all customers can access the full list of assets. 

Doubled by tight trading costs and multiple execution modes, trading crypto with Royal-Bridge can be done in line with some of the highest standards, as there are still many companies lagging behind in terms of the digital assets market. 

An infrastructure tailored for high volatility

Customization is one of the ways brands like Royal-Bridge can differentiate themselves from competitors and in order to do so, the company offers a proprietary platform, around which the entire infrastructure has been built. This software facilitates professional crypto trading using a variety of tools, as well as full account management capabilities. Traders can even make deposits inside the platform, without logging in separately on the dashboard. 

Royal-Bridge trading platform

The Royal-Bridge WebTrader is what traders use 24/7 and that is why the focus given by the brand when building it has been appropriate. Blending ease-of-use with advanced capabilities, the platform has the potential to serve those that are just starting out in the field of trading, or professionals with years of experience in the field, in an appropriate manner.

Strong financial security

One of the first questions a responsible trader should ask when choosing a brand to trade with deals with the issue of financial security. Royal-Bridge employs advanced technologies and encryption methods to keep customers and their funds safe. Don’t forget to read the fund safety policy, which is available on the brand’s website, alongside other important policy documents. 

The security granted by the technological infrastructure is doubled by the fact that Royal-Bridge does not facilitate trading on physical cryptocurrencies. Instead, traders use derivatives, taking advantage solely of price movements. 

Royal-Bridge logo


The entire cryptocurrency market is currently valued at an astonishing $2.5 trillion, a figure that surpasses even the most optimistic expectations from just a few years ago. However, the development of the industry is far from over and that could mean plenty of price volatility down the road.

It is in such an environment that brands like Royal-Bridge can thrive. You can open an account quickly and instantly get access to tens of different cryptocurrencies, without having to deposit a large amount. This is one of the brands to consider if crypto trading is your main goal. 

Trustpac: An All-Round Crypto and CFD Broker

Trustpac logo


There’s been a surge in crypto market participants lately, and the Covid-19 pandemic could be a contributing factor. In addition, Bitcoin’s rise to new levels has also attracted crypto enthusiasts. This surge in interest has resulted in many crypto brokerages expanding their offerings and services to attract more clientele. 


Furthermore, they are explicitly targeting beginner traders. However, this dynamic market might also lure beginners to get trapped in online crypto trading scams and jeopardize their initial investments ultimately. Therefore, it becomes pivotal to scrutinize brokers before choosing the best one for your journey.

Trustpac is one of the many crypto brokers that claim to offer the most innovative ways to invest and trade for novice traders. 

Let’s see in this review how factual this broker’s assertions are.

About the brand 

Trustpac is an online CFD and cryptocurrency investing platform that offers exclusive positions with fast trade executions to all its customers. The broker also provides 24/6 dedicated online support to traders and helps them achieve their financial goals through CFD trading guides and strategies.

Trustpac offers 100+ trading instruments, various funding options, the latest economic and market news, market-leading spreads, and an education center for a well-versed CFD trading experience.

Trading platform

Trustpac presents a user-friendly trading platform easily accessible by mobile, desktop, laptop, and tablets without any installation hassles. Additionally, it includes all of the important trading tools like an economic calendar, the latest market reports, instant market quotes, and crypto and CFD trading strategies.

The platform is accessible via a web browser and has up to 70 built-in technical indicators. The broker equipped the platform with essential charting tools for efficient chart analysis. 

Trustpac Trading Platform

Special events

Trustpac’s Special Events section consists of some of the latest IPOs like Nextdoor, Discord, Stripe, Instacart, Volvo, etc. 

The broker offers structured packages to allow clients to participate in IPOs. An example is the Volvo IPO contract which costs $4500 to buy-in. Furthermore, all contracts come with 24/5 dedicated professional assistance and exclusive position access to all interested traders.

Special Events latest IPO offerings

Security and support

Since security is a primary concern for all traders, Trustpac utilizes top-notch safety measures like SSL encryption, enabling safe and secure transactions. Furthermore, the broker has steadfast policies to guard users’ accounts against malicious activities. 

Trustpac offers a dedicated support team that works round the clock to solve technical issues and provide information regarding its trading platform and accounts. 

In terms of educational support, the broker offers all the vital trading tools, training guides, live price alerts, an education center, and one-on-one trading sessions with leading market experts for better assistance.


The brand Trustpac offers all essential features and multiple CFD trading assets, as well as the latest IPOs contracts, which sets them apart from their competitors. With all the critical trading tools, committed educational and customer support, professional assistance, and flexible spreads at zero commission, the broker proves to be a reliable source for all aspiring traders.

Omplix review – a customized trading ground for crypto users?

Omplix logo

About Omplix

Among the variety of trading providers in the market, traders are now exposed to Omplix, a dedicated cryptocurrency trading platform with vast expertise in the field of digital assets. When compared to other, similar brands, it offers a much more comprehensive list of trading benefits, showing commitment to serving customers. 

There are still favorable conditions in the crypto space and with an offering such as the one granted by Omplix, anyone can easily sign up for an account and start trading digital assets, regardless of physical location. 

Omplix logo

Access to the crypto markets

Omplix wants to be a platform exceeding customers’ demands and in light of that, its current crypto asset coverage is very generous. A trading account with this provider ensures access to derivatives based on tens of cryptos, including altcoins such as Dash, IOTA, Cardano, IOTA, and Polkadot, on top of the usual names – Bitcoin, Ether, and XRP. 

The adoption of crypto assets has taken a major leap forward during the past two years and Omplix wants its customers to be well-positioned when taking advantage of price movements across a large spectrum of tokens. All of the instruments covered can be traded on margin and carry competitive trading costs. 

A tailored web trading platform

A few words should be written regarding Omplix’s platform, a brand-new trading solution designed to face the challenges arising in the crypto space. Even though traders have different tastes, this software does not fall behind (and even surpasses) other options that are currently trending. It has advanced charting capabilities, price alerts, flexible execution modes, and other features traders will definitely like. 

Omplix advanced trading platform

To remove any hardware incompatibility issues, Omplix made the platform web-based, which means no download or installation is required. The entire account management process is done via a browser on any type of device. 

Safety and security on the first spot

Due to the usage of advanced technologies, strong encryption, crypto derivatives, and other safety measures, traders working with Omplix don’t need to worry about any vulnerability. Their funds and personal data are kept in a safe place all the time, regardless of their account size. 

Tight security standards are one of the reasons why many traders have already joined the ranks of Omplix. There are many policies concerning that, and they are all shared by the brand on its website. By reading them, users interested to join can find out all the details related to how the company conducts its operations. Transparency is a key quality for Omplix and that should reinforce the fact this is a trusted brand. 

start your crypto journey with Omplix

Final words

If you are looking to begin your crypto journey, then Omplix is one of the most optimal places to do it right now. Its feature-rich offer, combined with the client-centric approach creates a lot of new opportunities. Traders only need to be willing to learn, take calculated risks, and constantly adjust to different circumstances. That’s how professionals manage to succeed even in an uncertain environment such as the one of cryptocurrencies.