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Super-Five Review

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General Information

As far as trading platforms that are designed for retail traders are concerned, Super-Five is a cryptocurrency trading platform that offers traders benefits that are specific to crypto trading, to include access to tens of tokens that are currently showing substantial gains. The substantial and consistent growth of the Bitcoin and Altcoin market over the last couple of years has led to an increase in interest among the general public in crypto investments and short-term trading.

With Super-Five, traders can enjoy multiple benefits, to include:

          Trading at any time, from any place via web-based platform

          Dedicated support team via live chat or email

          Popular payment methods for deposits and withdrawals

          Emphasis on account security via SSL encryption 

With this impressive, feature-packed offering, Super-Five’s offering is definitely worth consideration, and in this review, we will be taking a wider look at the company, platform and features, and highlight some of the main reasons why both beginner and experienced traders alike wishing to enter the world of crypto trading would do well to consider what Super-Five’s has to offer.

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Services and Cryptocurrencies Supported

Super-Five’s offering focuses primarily on cryptocurrency trading services. The company allows traders to buy and sell a wide array of cryptocurrencies, without the need to hold on to the underlying instruments. This means that traders can profit from fast execution and short-term price movements with good prices.

Super-Five’s crypto coverage includes Bitcoin, Ether, Cardano, Polkadot, Binance Coin, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Chainlink, Stellar and Monero. Considering that the Crypto trading schedule runs 24/7, traders are well positioned to take advantage of market fluctuations every day of the week, including the weekend.

With Super-Five, trading is done via WebTrader, an optimized online platform that traders can log into from any laptop, computer, tablet or smartphone by logging in via the Super-Five website. This software solution is optimized for performance and speed, does not require any installation, and allows traders to conduct trades in a matter of seconds. With this optimized solution, traders can take advantage and place trades at any time and place of their choosing. 

Super-Five cryptocurrencies supported

Payment Methods and Fees

Super-Five aims to offer fast and secure financing options and supports the top payment methods that are commonplace in the market today. Traders can make deposits using a credit or debit card and start trading in no time. This prevents the need to wait for days on end until funds are available in the user’s account. When it comes to payments, Super-Five accepts payments in USD, GBP, or EUR.

With Super-Five, fiat deposits can be made via wire transfers in USD, GBP, or EUR. That being said, wire transfers will require a prolonged waiting time that depends primarily on the speed of execution on the side of the banks that are facilitating the transfer of funds.

Super-Five’s withdrawal policy is clearly stated on the company website and describes in detail the steps that traders need to take in order to complete withdrawals. The compliance measures put in place by Super-Five require that all customers, regardless of their country of residence, to verify their accounts by submitting several personal identification documents.

When it comes to withdrawals, traders must also keep in mind that for credit or debit card withdrawal requests, the minimum withdrawal amount is 100 units in the account’s preferred currency, and 250 units when it comes to wire transfer withdrawal requests. Once a withdrawal request is approved, the funds should be available within no more than 10 business days.

Customer Support

As a trusted brand, Super-Five maintains ongoing, consistent contact with its customers, by means of their dedicated team of customer support representatives that are accessible in a quick and easy manner via the live chat feature available at the company’s official website. Furthermore, traders can reach out to the dedicated support team via email as well, and request a callback.

Super-Five trading features

Geographical Restrictions

Super-Five provides services that are intended for retail traders from all over the world, focusing on traders living in countries that do not have legislation in place that prohibits online trading. Traders need to look up local trading regulations in the country where they reside in order to ensure they are not restricted from opening an online trading account. For further information on trading eligibility, traders are welcome to contact Super-Five’s representatives.


As we’ve shown in this review, there are plenty of reasons for traders to consider Super-Five’s service offer. Super-Five is a trusted cryptocurrency trading platform that offers traders the ability to trade with no worries thanks to its reliable trading software, its diverse crypto coverage and the multitude of other benefits included in its service offer, to include a 24/7 trading schedule, professional customer support and secure payment methods.

Traders choosing Super-Five are in a very favorable position to take advantage of the volatility of the cryptocurrency market due to the increasing demand for crypto assets by beginner and expert traders alike. There are only a handful of companies that offer traders the ability to trade in this many different cryptocurrencies on a single account. This is without a doubt one feature that puts Super-Five at the top of its field among its competitors, and why we recommend that you check them out to see if they are right for you. 


Dripcoin Review

Dripcoin cryptocurrency trading platform

Expert Summary

As far as online trading platforms are concerned, Dripcoin is a cryptocurrency trading platform that incorporates cutting edge trading technologies, hoping to create an ecosystem where traders of all levels can join in and take advantage of the benefits of trading crypto, using an optimized, user-friendly, and advanced trading software. 

In an effort to provide and maintain the highest level of security, Dripcoin has decided not to facilitate the purchase of underlying assets, but rather to allow customers to make speculative trades based on the price movements, considering the consistent high volatility of the market.

Dripcoin’s trading platform was designed from the ground up to be a suitable trading platform for the greater public, and its offer includes plenty of trading features, which include access to a personal assistant. This feature will provide traders with advice and guidance when they need it most, as crypto trading is experiencing a boom recently many new, beginner traders joining the industry wishing to capitalize on current market conditions. With Dripcoin, traders are sure to receive proper support.

One of the other important benefits traders gain access to when choosing to work with Dripcoin, is the wide selection of crypto asset coverage. As a dedicated crypto provider, Dripcoin’s service offer enables customers to benefit from Bitcoin trading, as well as from trading on a wide array of altcoins.

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Unique Trading Features at Dripcoin

Crypto asset coverage – with Dripcoin, traders can trade in high-profile cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ether, XRP or Litecoin. Their diversified coverage does not end there, as traders can choose to trade in other tokens such as Ethereum Classic, EOS, Monero, Chainlink, Dash, or IOTA. Traders will also enjoy the ability to make moves when the markets are either trending up or down.

High level of security – Dripcoin’s platform is dedicated to account security, and uses industry trusted payment methods,  industry standard policies, and a high level of transparency, ensuring that traders can enjoy a secure trading environment while trading in the crypto market.

Full customer support coverage – Dripcoin puts an emphasis on maintaining close contact with their customers, as well as any potential customer who may be interested in learning more about the company’s services. After the initial account sign-up, customers will enjoy the services of a personal assistant who will provide them with guidance and trading advice when needed, alongside Dripcoin’s customer support service that is available 24/5. 

Simple sign-up process – With Dripcoin, signing up for an account is a simple, easy process for all users of all experience levels, that can be completed in just a few easy steps, and the account management process is simple and intuitive.

Fast execution – When trading, trade execution speeds matter, especially when dealing with crypto, as the cryptocurrency market is one of the most volatile markets in the world today. For this reason, Dripcoin has incorporated advanced technologies into its platform, to ensure that trades can be executed in seconds.

Strict Compliance – With Dripcoin, compliance matters, and customers who wish to open an account with Dripcoin must be aware of the compliance requirements that the company has in place to provide account security, and as part of this policy, traders will be required to verify their identity using a government issued I.D.

Dripcoin Platform

Among the main benefits of Dripcoin’s trading platform is that it is user-friendly and easy to use, which is  made possible by an advanced set of features that is built-in to the platform, offering traders a unique and optimized trading experience. Dripcoin’s has chosen a web-based solution for its platform, as the company believes that this will ensure flexibility for traders who wish to trade from the office, at home and on-the-go.

With Dripcoin’s platform, traders can gain access from any type of device while still maintaining full usability of all trading features. Access is provided via the web browser on the device of choice, be it desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, and offers a seamless user experience across platforms without any lags or hardware requirement issues. Dripcoin’s platform also offers advanced charting, which allows traders to use multiple strategies in order to analyze prices and market developments.

Dripcoin’s platform also offers additional features such as price alerts, a “favorites” list, and one-click trading, allowing traders to fully enjoy their trading experience while staying up to date with all the current market movements and developments as they happen. 

Dripcoin platform

Dripcoin Deposits and Withdrawals

Dripcoin allows Fiat deposits to be made via credit card, debit card or wire transfer, and Dripcoin’s customers can choose three different currencies for account deposits, either in USD, EUR or GBP.

Traders will be happy to learn that the same method used for deposits can be used in order to make withdrawals and fund transfers from an account, and traders using an e-wallet will be happy to learn that cryptocurrency transactions and tokens can be deposited directly to their e-wallet. The maximum processing time for withdrawals with Dripcoin is 10 business days.

Beginner Trader Support

Dripcoin is aware that the recent boom in crypto trading has attracted many beginner traders who are looking join in and capitalize on the booming cryptocurrency markets, and has prepared for this influx of new traders by offering many relevant benefits, such as guidance and advice by a personal assistant and a dedicated customer support service. 

In addition, Dripcoin has set up a blog section in its official website, where new content regarding trading, cryptocurrencies, tips, market analysis, security and other relevant topics are highlighted and shared. While the majority of content is geared towards beginners, there are however limited resources available for more experienced traders.

Is Dripcoin Safe to Use?

Dripcoin’s use of advanced trading technologies alongside secure and industry standard payment methods, as well as professional and transparent services have positioned them as a reliable and trustworthy online trading platform that allows traders to take advantage of price movements in the crypto markets without having to use the services of crypto wallet. Dripcoin excels at providing traders with a trading environment that encourages short-term trading, and one of the main benefits of trading cryptocurrencies with this provider is that traders can trade with peace of mind, without having to worry about the vulnerabilities that are often associated with dealing in tokens, such as hacking attempts, storage, or custody.

Other Services

Dripcoin is a company that is primarily focused on providing traders with high-quality cryptocurrency trading services, and places an emphasis on the most important aspects of online trading, such as educational material, professional customer support, and enhanced security and compliance features.

Dripcoin Review Conclusion

Dripcoin has proven to be a reliable trading partner that offers traders an opportunity to enjoy trading cryptocurrencies with many associated benefits, such as their user-friendly trading platform, a competitive crypto assets list, and an overall customer-centric approach. As the current boom experienced in the crypto market continues to drive interest among many traders of all experience levels, a growing number of people are looking to get involved in crypto and should consider Dripcoin.

Dripcoin’s cryptocurrency service offer provides traders interested in trading cryptocurrencies with a wide range of possibilities, and since it offers global coverage, traders from many different countries can enjoy crypto trading in this advanced, secure ecosystem. 


AlphaLive Review

AlphaLive logo

Company Overview

Owned and operated by RedRock Ltd., AlphaLive is a cryptocurrency trading platform that provides services to traders from around the world. Their services allow any person who is interested in the world of trading cryptocurrencies to trade from a wide array of cryptocurrencies, either from the office, at home or on the go, allowing them to take advantage of market fluctuations and increased volatility.

AlphaLive has established itself as a transparent and reputable company with a stellar track record and policies that have been put in place to ensure transparency and customer satisfaction. Due to this, AlphaLive continues to enjoy a growing customer base amongst traders who are eager to get involved in crypto world. Insofar as comparing AlphaLive to other competing brands, their personalized trading ecosystem is one of the features that sets them apart.

What are other reasons and important features offered by AlphaLive that retail traders would do well to consider, and is AlphaLive considered as a reliable trading brand?
In this review, we will shine a light on AlphaLive’s services and attempt to answer these questions.

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Trading Platform

AlphaLive knows that traders often prefer an optimized trading solution that is both a good fit for their individual needs, as well as one that is fast and user friendly. This is why AlphaLive’s offering includes an optimized, professional web platform that features multiple trading features and tools with a user-friendly interface. The platform allows traders to use different technical strategies that are suited to their individual needs and will help them locate trading opportunities. The platform includes price alerts, a “favorites” list, multiple chart types, tens of indicators and several order execution modes.

For those interested in trading on the go, AlphaLive’s trading app is available on Google’s Play Store is a great addition to their service offer that serves as a perfect complement to their web platform. One of the most recent trends to emerge as a result of the increased interest in Bit and Alt coins, is trading on the go via mobile. This is due to the fact that traders prefer to be able to constantly monitor their trading while on the go, as opposed to the “Set-and-forget” trading method. Mobile trading allows traders to avoid unpleasant surprises due to unexpected market fluctuations and helps them improve the accuracy of their timing while trading.

AlphaLive trading app

AlphaLive Account

Signing up for a trading account with AlphaLive provides traders with access to a wide array of trading features, that include a user-friendly interface, fast order execution, next-generation trading technology, superior performance, and professional customer support. Considering the fact that AlphaLive only offers a standard account as opposed to the tiered account system used by many of its competitors, these features are available to all AlphaLive customers with no exception. 

AlphaLive trading features

Signing up for an account with AlphaLive is a simple and easy process that ensures that traders who sign up as clients of AlphaLive can get their account set up and start trading quickly. After the initial account setup, customers will be directed to proceed by making a quick deposit using their credit or debit card. AlphaLive customers who are not interested in sharing credit or debit card information may choose to deposit via wire transfer as well, however this method may take several working days until the process is complete and the funds have been fully transferred to their accounts.

As part of its efforts to ensure security and transparency, AlphaLive is fully compliant with AML/KYC requirements. This means that all AlphaLive customers are required to verify their identity by submitting to an identification process requiring them to produce several identification documents. This fact is also mentioned in the company’s website, in their comprehensive policy section.

Trading in cryptocurrencies with AlphaLive provides traders with nearly infinite trading opportunities, thanks to their support for BTC, ETH, and LT, as well as a wide array of Altcoins such as Binance Coin, Neo, Cardano, Tron, Stellar, and Ethereum Classic, all of which are cryptocurrencies that are considered high-potential and are currently benefiting from large inflows. In this manner, AlphaLive’s crypto coverage far exceeds many rival service offerings and should well exceed customer expectations.

Traders who are rightfully concerned about account security will be happy to learn that AlphaLive puts an emphasis on account security and uses several advanced security measures that have been put in place in order to protect customer funds and personal data. With this added level of security put in place, traders can rest assured that their funds and personal information are protected and safe and focus all of their time and attention on trading.

Customer Service

AlphaLive’s customer service has been described by customers as professional, timely and convenient. Traders who have come across an issue and wish to get in touch with a representative can do so on a 24/6 basis using AlphaLive’s “live chat” feature that is available via the company’s website. Traders may also choose to contact support via sending an email to the company’s support address or via requesting a callback after they are done setting up their account.

Considering the world of cryptocurrencies is still not one that the general public is familiar with, AlphaLive’s service offering is tailored to suit both experienced and beginner traders alike, offering support and guidance regarding trading in the crypto industry. For this reason, AlphaLive also focuses its efforts on trading education, and helping traders grow their trading knowledge and make better, more responsible trading decisions.

Trading Education

With AlphaLive, customers gain valuable information not only relating to the crypto market, but also information regarding how to trade intelligently, how to conduct a technical analysis, and coverage on many other relevant issues concerning traders. These resources are accessible on the AlphaLive blog via the company’s website, or via contacting their team of professional representatives. One caveat to this is that these resources are currently available only on English. 


AlphaLive has assembled a very generous trading offer that is bound to prove interesting and attractive to many traders as knowledge of Cryptocurrencies is now reaching a broader audience due to them being some of the hottest tradable instruments in 2021. With the AlphaLive ecosystem, retail traders from different backgrounds can enjoy limitless opportunities to buy and sell crypto, all while benefiting from fast order execution and tight trading costs.

In this review, AlphaLive has proven to be a very promising brand, that is also flexible enough to adjust its trading offer whenever such action is needed. As it stands, AlphaLive seems to be a legitimate and trusted crypto trading platform, ideal for traders who only wish to focus crypto trading. 


Digital Currency Market Review

Digital Currency Market logo

Digital Currency Market Overview

Digital Currency Market is a long-standing trading brand offering a broad range of services, including trading and investing in popular asset classes. Its history started in 1994 when it was operating as a hedge fund and as the retail trading industry started to grow exponentially, the focus shifted.

This is a broker serving customers in more than 160 different countries, which is why it would be fair to assume from the start the services are well-diversified. Each trader can choose a different path, since they can either trade on their own, or benefit from a savings account, recovery programs, or crypto portfolios.

Digital Currency Market logo

The financial markets continue to be a place of endless opportunities, even now when the global pandemic continues to be an issue. Technological developments had enabled any user to enter the world of trading/investing from the comfort of the home and today this Digital Currency Market Review will try to find out if traders should be working with this broker.

Trading Platforms

MetaTrader 4 had been a reliable trading platform for more than a decade, due to its performance and continuous upgrades. On top of the advanced charting capabilities, traders can also automate their trading using Expert Advisors. Newsfeed, multiple execution modes, price alerts, and customization features are just some of the reasons why Digital Currency Market relies on MT4 as one of its platforms.

Secondly, the Digital Currency Market trading platform available comes with a different interface, but the same as MT4, promises a customer-friendly usage and a solid package of tools, needed when dealing with high volatility. Both platforms can be accessed on any type of device. The only difference is that MetaTrader 4 needs to be installed while the DCM platform can be accessed via any browser or also downloaded via the broker’s website.

Regardless of choice, both platforms are reliable and serve as a solid gateway to the financial markets. You should not have any worries about the hardware or software compatibility.

DCM Metatrader 4


Digital Currency Market Assets

Asset diversity is granted when holding an account with Digital Currency Market since the broker is covering currency pairs, stocks, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. Each trader can make a list of the most suitable assets and benefit from attractive trading costs, as well as shift trade execution.

Stocks, commodities, and cryptocurrencies continue to be very volatile, but using indices and currency pairs can reduce the overall volatility of the portfolio. Also, traders won’t be having exposure solely to high-risk assets. Digital Currency Market is aware of the conditions in the markets and wants to make sure that traders can deal with them professionally.

Digital Currency Market Trading Accounts

Things are similar when it comes to the account types. With 7 options on the table, there shouldn’t be any problem for traders to find a suited choice, based on capital available, trading benefits associated with the account, or personal goals.

Digital Currency Market offers solutions for both professionals that have more capital and would like to receive more trading tools/features, and also smaller accounts for those just getting started wanting to test waters. A Basic account is available for as little as $250 and even in this case, there is access to some interesting features.

If we move higher to Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, or Black accounts, benefits are more diversified and increase in value, same as the initial deposit required. What’s important to note is that the broker does not ignore any type of client.

Trading Education

On top of the usual educational resources seen with other brands, in this case, traders have the ability to take advantage of sessions with senior analysts, where they can get valuable insights from professionals. As the financial markets are in constant motion, different variables affect valuations. Only with continuous education can traders keep up the pace and even stay one step ahead to take advantage of all opportunities emerging.


Taking advantage of the financial markets requires a combination of knowledge and skills. However, the benefits associated with holding an account with a broker can also act as leverage. In the case of Digital Currency Market, we’ve seen that there is a diversity of benefits available, leaving each potential customer to choose what’s best.

With that in mind, there are enough reasons to believe this is a trusted broker, offering as much as it can to satisfy the end-user. No trader is left behind, regardless of the account type chosen. Digital Currency Market offers tailored support, based on prior trading knowledge and experience.