• The African Real Estate Evolves and Becomes More Liquid

    For the past few years, capital investors in the African real estate had been attracted by Central and Eastern Europe, but as the potential for further growth and earnings continues to slow, investing closer to home seems to become a much better opportunity. Well-known listed funds and investors involved in major deals During the first […]

  • The SocialGood Cashback Ecosystem Mechanism

    During 2019 we’ll witness several blockchain-based companies launching promising projects which will aim to integrate technology for the benefit of all the people. It is the case for the project developed by the Social Good Foundation, which will provide a Cashback for users to purchase products from companies taking part in the ecosystem. What is […]

  • Learn to Invest from Ray Dalio

    Learn to Invest from Ray Dalio

    Investing is a skill that can be learned with time and that is the exact reason why we are writing about it. We know that some of you are eager to learn how to invest online and that is why we have decided to write a few articles about what you should learn from famous […]

  • Cryptocurrency Investing in 2018

    Cryptocurrency Investing in 2018

    With the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, one could ask what kind of investment strategy works in this new market. In our previous article we have talked about how to invest in commodities and now we want to focus on some of the aspects related to cryptocurrency investing. Is there any difference to other markets? The […]

  • Smart shopping – Best ways to maintain control of your budget.

    Smart shopping – Best ways to maintain control of your budget.

    to practice smart shopping is to acknowledge that a significant amount of our finances is spent on monthly shopping lists and a lot of times on unchecked unplanned impulsive buys. Granted that there is not much that can be done to avoid or reduce the number of things that are needed and sometimes, simply, desired; […]

  • What should you know about retirement stocks?

    What should you know about retirement stocks?

    The phase of our lives when we are old should be free financial pressure and that is why a question that arises among people is how someone should invest in the long run in order to keep its savings safe and also generating returns. How ordinary people invest should be put into question since most […]

  • How to Invest in Commodities

    How to Invest in Commodities

    Commodities represent another interest type of assets and with the advancement of technology one could invest in them without even owning it. You don’t need to order a hundred barrels of oil and keep them in our home anymore. With online trading, you have instruments that are based on commodities and you are simply buying […]

  • How to Start Trading Using Technical Analysis

    How to Start Trading Using Technical Analysis

    There is no doubt that technical analysis is one of the most popular when we talk about online trading. However, even though there are a lot of methods using technical analysis which can be profitable in the run, still, most of the traders fail to understand it properly. With that being the case, we want […]

  • Beginners Guide to Online Trading

    Beginners Guide to Online Trading

    It is a fact that online trading could be a good investment opportunity, but in order to be successful in this field you have to do a lot of work. However, we do not want to start heavy on you and also, this material is designed for those who are at the beginning and are […]

  • How to Manage Business Expenses

    How to Manage Business Expenses

    Managing expenses in a professional way is a hard task and if you do some research, you will find that most of the companies out there are spending money on things that are unnecessary and also, are paying too much on products and services that could be found for a cheaper price. We’ve already covered […]