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MrGuru Review

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Company Overview

MrGuru is a dedicated cryptocurrency trading platform that manages to keep its finger on the pulse of market trends, thanks to a customized offer built around the unique needs of traders who are looking to get involved in trading digital assets. An account with MrGuru comes with several important benefits, which is why we would like to analyze this brand in greater detail in this review. 

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MrGuru Trading Platform

The trading platform is critical when dealing with volatility and large price swings. MrGuru has a mobile solution that can help traders trade anytime and anywhere. Accessible via browser, this web-based platform is fast, reliable, and simple, so traders with different backgrounds can use it without experiencing any issues. 

Built by a team of professionals, this platform aims to offer a unique trading experience, as customization is a key requirement to stand out and provide a seamless trading experience. Although there is only one platform available, it is very flexible and works well even on a smartphone or tablet. 

MrGuru trading on mobile

MrGuru Trading Account

A straightforward MrGuru registration process is all it takes to start trading with this brand, and setting up an account is very simple, so much so that traders will be able to proceed to make a deposit and submit identification documents within minutes. 

Thanks to features like easy account management, trading tips, the company blog, and other educational resources, all customers will enjoy the support of a brand that truly has their back, since the crypto journey is one that is both exciting and full of challenges. 

MrGuru main trading benefits

MrGuru provides strong security & AML, the safety of funds, accurate order execution, and compliance rules that are applicable to all users, showing that it places great importance on operating at the highest professional standards. 

Customer Support

The live chat customer support service is available 24/6, which is great news since traders with this brand benefit from a 24/7 trading schedule. MrGuru shows a very proactive approach in dealing with any issues that customers may be facing. Getting in touch with a representative can be done quickly by registered clients and potential clients alike, the brand continues expanding its services. 

Trading Education

MrGuru’s main features when it comes to educational resources and benefits includes trading tips, the articles available on the company blog, and the customized support offered to all customers. The company is aware that each trader is unique and has unique needs, which is why a representative will offer personalized guidance after the account registration is complete. 


MrGuru believes in the power of cryptocurrencies and comes to the table with a tailored offer, hoping to reach traders that are looking for their brand of trading experience. Trading with MrGuru offers numerous benefits, as we’ve seen in our review, which is why we need to award this brand a high rating. The prospects for the crypto market continue to be favorable and more people can take advantage of them with services such as these available now at 

Gloffix Review

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General Information

The global fintech revolution had been in the spotlight for the past 10 years and Gloffix one of the brands that managed to catch the wave from an early stage. Offering access to a leading social trading network, reliable trading platforms, and some of the most popular tradable assets, this is a brand that looks promising at first glance. 

Gloffix logo

Specialized in CFDs based on FX, stocks, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies, Gloffix is a place with multi-asset capabilities, enabling customers to take advantage of the financial markets using assets that meet their day-to-day needs. 

Based on the latest figures, it had 195 employees in 2020 as it continues to improve its service and make sure the customer gets all that’s necessary to deal with the challenging financial markets conditions. No one knows accurately what will happen in the future with asset valuations, but it’s for sure there will be a lot of activity going on, which makes brands like Gloffix well-positioned. 

Gloffix Trading Software

We start by talking about the Gloffix Web Trading platform or Sirix, a customized solution designed to make any trader feel at home. With all the features and tools intuitively placed so even beginners will be able to use the platform easily, this software comes with one-click trading, advanced chart analysis, and the popular Social Trading feature, built into it. 

Sirix Social is a service accounting for $10 billion in monthly trading volume, showing that many retail traders are choosing to rely on expert trading ideas. 

Since most of the large CFD providers are offering software by MetaQuotes, Gloffix does not fall behind, covering the popular MetaTrader 4. There are more than 750 brokerages still using it and 2,100+ technical indicators integrated, making MT4 a platform that can adapt to any trading style or regime. 

Both platforms are available in versions compatible with multiple operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS, Android, or iOS. This means traders can use either of the solutions on any device they want. 

Gloffix Assets

On top of the reputable trading platforms available, Gloffix added a generous asset list, including CFDs based on stocks, indices, FX, commodities, or cryptocurrencies. Each trader has unique goals and tastes, which means not all of them will be trading the same instruments. As a result, the broker offers full accountability on building a diversified asset list. 

Gloffix CFD assets

The Gloffix spread offer is competitive as compared to other leading brands, a benefit for those looking after tight trading costs. Since we’re talking about CFDs, overnight swaps should not be ignored by traders wanting to hold open trades overnight. 

Leverage up to 1:1000, no deposit fees, superior trading tools, or 24/5 customer support are features you will be taking advantage of when holding an account with Gloffix. 

Gloffix Account Types

Affordability is a keyword when talking about the Gloffix account types offer, given trading is available from deposits worth 250 USD/EUR. The company is aware that not customers can start with a lot of capital and had taken all the measures to show openness and inclusiveness. 

Gloffix account types

The Classic, Silver, Gold, VIP, or Black accounts will require a certain initial deposit and in exchange, traders will get added value in the form of new features or tools. To make a deposit once the account is opened, traders can use a credit/debit card, wire transfer, or popular e-wallets like Skrill or Neteller. The same methods can be used for withdrawals later on. 

Educational Resources

For traders wanting to get more insights into the markets, an account with Gloffix comes attached with several important educational benefits. Daily market updates & reviews, weekly/daily/hourly trade recommendations, live recommendation feed, an online education center, dedicated account managers, or e-books are some of the resources that might be available, based on the account type chosen. As already mentioned, the Social Trading feature built into Sirix should not be ignored, since it is available for all customers, regardless of the account type chosen. 


Technological innovation had made it possible for the average Joe on the street to be part of the financial markets. Brands like Gloffix reinforce the idea that anyone can get involved, as long as there is a willingness to learn and enough tools or features. When opening an account at, there are many resources unlocked, with ample diversity to meet the demands of a global audience. This CFD broker turns out to be a trusted one and any retail trader with high expectations should consider it.